Introducing Stars Account

We operate various products and brands around the world, but there’s no reason you should have to remember a bunch of different login details to access them. That’s why we’re making it even simpler for you to manage your online player account with us.

With the introduction of ‘Stars Account’, you can log in and play any of our games on any of our platforms available in your region, using a single ‘Stars ID’ (previously your User ID) and password.

Only one password

With one Stars ID and one password, you can access any of our products and brands that are available in your region.

A single wallet

A single wallet and account balance means managing your deposit and withdrawal methods - plus any self-imposed limits on your gameplay - is much easier.

Universal account settings

Universal account settings mean you don't need to keep track of different account details, you'll only need to make any updates or changes once.

A single account to manage

With a single account to manage, accessing our support functions will be easier and more efficient.

If you already have an account, most of the emails you receive concerning your account will now come from our Stars Account email address, so please make sure you update your email filters to accept messages from the starsaccount domain.